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For hospitalisation bills, the claim must be submitted by the service provider via the Electronic Claim Submission System after you are discharged from the hospital.

Manual claim is only applicable if treatment done at medical facility is not accredited by MOH or there is 3rd party (e.g, Group Hospital & Surgical) payment.

All major hospitals / clinics / medical centres that are accredited by Ministry Of Health are linked-up to the electronic claim submission system. You can go to CPF Board’s website for an updated listing of the accredited hospitals / clinics / medical centres.

You need to file the claim within 90 days of discharge from the hospital or visit to the clinic.

File in the claims form.


Get your documents in order.

  • Final Summary and Itemised Hospital Bills (not applicable if claim has been e-filed)
  • For Government Restructured Hospitals: Inpatient Discharge
    Summary / Day Surgery Discharge Form / Histology Report
  • Medical Report (if any)

Fill in the below form and attach all supporting documents in a zip file.


Fill Your Claims

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.

just need a letter of Guarantee to waive your Hospitalisation deposit?

The Letter Of Guarantee is a waiver of deposit and shall not be taken as the approval of the claim. All hospitalisation will need to be E-filed, and will be settled directly with the hospital upon reception of claim.

Fill in the Request for Letter Of Guarantee.


Get your documents in order.

  • Admission form stating medical diagnosis
  • Attending physician and procedure to be done (if any)
  • Financial counselling form with estimated total charges

Fill in the form below and attach the Request for Letter of Guarantee and supporting documents in a zip file.


How Long Does It Take?
Within 1 working day.

Request for LOG

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: zip.

To seek care in a speciality that's out of our network,
you would need to obtain pre-authorisation before starting the treatment.

This only applies for Post-hospitalisation visit.
Contact your referring clinic and ask them to prepare the following:

  • Referral Letter to Non-panel Doctor
  • Supporting medical report (if any)
  • Provide reason for referring to Non-panel doctor

The clinic needs to send the documents to:

How Long Does It Take?
Within 1 working day.

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