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Protect yourself from unexpected medical expenses with our comprehensive, MediSave-payable Integrated Shield Plan

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Looking for A Plan That Adapts To Your Needs?

Raffles Shield complements your current MediShield Life, enhancing coverage and providing better care. Here are some of our unique features

Raffles Hospital Option

Allows you to enjoy medical treatment in Raffles Hospital without paying the full premium rate for a private plan. Payable via Medisave up to CPF additional withdrawal limits.

High Deductible Option

Complements your company’s benefits, resulting in no coverage overlaps and thus, helping you to achieve more savings from lower premiums. Payable via Medisave up to CPF additional withdrawal limits.

Protecting Your Child

In the unfortunate case of death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD) of the payor, RHI will waive the additional private insurance premiums of the IP and ensure that the child’s coverage continues.

Guaranteed Upgrade

Not sure which plan to start with? You can choose to start with Plan B and upgrade to Plan A with Raffles Hospital Option, with no additional underwriting as long as there are no downgrades and claims in the first 5 years of your policy.

Ready-Made Plans?

Of Course.

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  • Wish for your hospital bills to be capped?

    Add KEY RIDER to your base plan!
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  • Looking to expand your benefits?

    Add PREMIER RIDER to your base plan!
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  • Wish to save on premiums by taking full advantage of your employee benefits?

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Tailor-Made Plan?

Of Course.

Additional insurance options and riders to create an integrated shield plan that will provide you with exactly the benefits that you need.

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