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– To communicate with your company or personal insurance for claims, reinsurance and compliance/audit purposes pertaining to your care.
– To respond to your enquiries, provide you advice and services to ensure continuity of care.

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If you would like to update your existing data given to us, you may approach our clinic staff.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data, all requests have to be made in person and the relevant original documents are required:
– For change of name, please provide original NRIC, deed poll or marriage certificate
– For changes in NRIC/FIN/Passport No., please provide the original NRIC, FIN or passport.
– For changes in local or foreign residential address, please provide one of the following documents (within the last 3 months)
o Telecommunication/Internet bill/ Utilities bill
o Statement/letter from HDB
o Credit Card/ Bank/ Insurance Statement
o Tenancy agreement for residence

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  1. However, do note that employee benefit schemes may not be portable if you change your employer.
  2. Subjected to underwriting.
  3. SC: Singapore Citizen; PR: Singapore Permanent Resident; FR: Foreigner. A Citizenship Factor is applicable if the Insured is a Permanent Resident.
  4. Pro-Ration Factor is calculated based on the discharge ward.
  5. Including prescriptions, medical consultations, Miscellaneous Medical Charges, Specialist consultations, diagnostic test and examinations and laboratory tests. Also includes admission to high-dependency wards and Short Stay Wards.
  6. Only applies to surgical procedures listed in Table 1A to Table 7C of the “Table of Surgical Procedures” published by MOH, i.e. excluding Minor Surgical Procedures.
  7. Includes charges for intravascular electrodes for electrophysiological procedures; percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) balloons; intra-aortic balloons (or balloon catheters).
  8. Must follow treatment in a Government Restructured Hospital (GRH) or private Hospital, for which inpatient treatment is payable.
  9. Only payable if the inpatient charges are payable.
  10. Specialist on the Raffles Shield Panel of specialists. Panel Specialist must be the Attending Physician for the Inpatient Episode.
  11. Excluding Post-Hospitalisation Psychiatric Treatment. For post-hospitalisation visits to non-Panel or non-GRH Specialists, you may seek pre-authorisation from Us for such visits to qualify for benefits tied to Panel / GRH treatment, in accordance with the approval process at http://www.RafflesShield.com.sg
  12. The percentage of the Reasonable and Customary Expenses We will pay, as set out in Your Benefit Schedule. We will apply the Pro-ration Factor if the Insured is admitted to a ward or Hospital that is higher than his or her ward entitlement.
  13. The parent does not need to be enrolled on a Raffles Shield Policy. Waiver of premium is applicable to plans without Extra Premium; and waiver will be applied to Raffles Shield Base Premium only.
  14. Mastectomy must be due to breast cancer, and breast reconstruction must be done within 12 months from original mastectomy.
  15. Period from Policy Start Date within which claims under this benefit are not payable.
  16. Includes charges incurred for inpatient treatment due to ectopic pregnancy, pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, disseminated intravascular coagulation, miscarriage, choriocarcinoma and hydatidiform mole, or postpartum haemorrhage requiring hysterectomy.
  17. Increased to 100% if plan is purchased with Raffles Option.
  18. The Deductible is the amount which You have to pay before We pay any claim under Your Policy. This is deducted before the co-insurance is applied. Deductibles are not applied to outpatient treatments. For the High Deductible Option, the Deductible for each policy year will be raised to $10,000 for all ward types and ages.
  19. Co-insurance refers to the amount you have to co-pay after the Deductible has been applied to the Reasonable and Customary Expenses.
  20. Applied onto eligible expenses, after pro-ration and within claim limits where applicable.
  21. Applied onto Reasonable and Customary Expenses, after Pro-Ration and within applicable limits.
  22. Daily hospital cash is calculated based on the discharge ward. For all policyholders, the total amount we will reimburse You if the Key Rider is applicable is capped at the higher of 95% of the total bill (total charges incurred less all Benefits except Emergency Outpatient due to Accident under Premier Rider) or total bill less the Co-Payment cap listed under the Key Rider, if applicable. If Hospital Cash is applicable, we may reduce the payout for your Co-payment to meet this cap. We may also reduce the Hospital Cash to meet this cap.
  23. For Foreigners, the daily hospital cash is capped at $125 / day for all GRH wards.
  24. Accommodation expenses for an Immediate Family Member who shares the hospital room of the Insured during an Inpatient Episode.
  25. Recommended in writing by the Attending Physician, and administered by a TCM Practitioner at Raffles Chinese Medicine Clinics or at a GRH.
  26. Including home medical, home nursing and home therapy.
  27. This Benefit is subject to Pro-Ration Factor (rates as stated in the Benefit Schedule). It is also subject to a co-payment of 5%.
  28. Your MediShield Life premiums may differ depending on your premium subsidies, premium rebates and whether you need to pay for the Additional Premiums. The Net MediShield Life Premium Payable after accounting for these is fully payable by Medisave.
  29. Refers to the cap on the Medisave deduction that Singapore Residents can make to pay for the premiums of the additional private insurance coverage component.
  30. The last entry age is 75 years, based on the Insured’s age next birthday. This does not apply to the Raffles Shield Standard Plan.

These insurance plans are underwritten by Raffles Health Insurance Private Limited (Reg. No. 200413569G). All insurance applications are subjected to our underwriting and acceptance.
Information or recommendation provided on this website is for reference only and is not a contract of insurance. You may refer to the exact terms and conditions, premiums, specific details and exclusions from our Raffles Health Advisers or Licensed Distributors. Premium rates are not guaranteed and are expected to be adjusted from time to time, as long as we give you 30 days’ notice.

Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. You are strongly recommended to speak with a qualified Raffles Health Adviser. You may arrange for an appointment with our Raffles Health Advisers simply by contacting us at our hotline or email, you can also leave your contact details on our website for us to call you back.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact your insurer (or name of Scheme member) or visit the GIA/LIA or SDIC web-sites (www.gia.org.sg or www.lia.org.sg or www.sdic.org.sg).

Information is correct as of 03 June 2019.

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